Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Carol of the Dogs

I've finally gone off of the deep end. I'm just forewarning you before you actually click the video below...

This started as Brenda's joke since she spent the weekend in Kansas City with me and she's really to blame for originally giving a voice to Remy. Clearly things have gotten out of hand since then. She made River sing the first line of Carol of the Bells about 600 times... with new words, of course. It got stuck in my head. I sang it 600 more times.

Occasionally we would add more words or different lines. Most of the time it was just "ham egg and cheese" over and over again. Tonight, as I should be packing, I made the video that we joked about doing all weekend. There were many different ideas and versions floating around, but this is what I settled upon. (For ease = one camera shooting without any editing.)

True, it would have been funnier to have the dogs more animated as they sang, but they were trying to nap as I... er, they... put on this performance for you.

Congrats, Nikki. You're not even 30 yet and you are already the crazy dog lady. This is why I shouldn't be left alone very often.

Aren't you glad to know me? If you think this is crazy, remember, I have to drive to Texas tomorrow... with only these dogs for company. Thank goodness they are so talkative.

To sing along, here are the words: (Forgive me, Mykola Leontovych, I know you never intended for the song to end up like this.)

Ham, egg and cheese
Give me some peas
Corn dogs and beers
Dill pickle spears
Turkey and rice
Gravy's so nice
Fire grilled steak
A piece of cake

What's on your dish?
How about fish?
Hand me the bread
Oh, what a spread

I would like some crispy bacon!
I would like some crispy bacon!

To my dearest friend,
I highly recommend
That you have some wine
The last bite is mine

Bacon! Bacon!

PS, River doesn't even like all the foods she's singing about!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

30 Days of TV: Day 06 - Favorite Episode

The favorite episode of your favorite TV show: X-Files, Season 5, Episode 12 - Bad Blood

This episode is a "he said, she said" story. It was inspired by an episode of the "Dick Van Dyke Show", titled "The Night the Roof Fell In", in which Rob and Laura Petrie have a fight and then each tell their neighbor their version of what led up to it.

In this X-Files episode, we follow both Mulder's and Scully's point of view as they describe their version of the same set of events. They have traveled to Texas to investigate the serial exsanguinations of several local cows, and one dead human. Mulder believes that there are vampires in the area... so much so that he stakes one. Ronnie Strickland's family then threatens to sue the FBI for 446 million dollars. Mulder and Scully try to get their stories straight before talking to AD Skinner about the situation.

They set up the episode with this exchange:
Scully: Skinner wants our report in one hour. What are you going to tell him?

Mulder: What do you mean what am I going to tell him? I'm going to tell him exactly what I saw. What are you going to tell him?

Scully: I'll tell him exactly what I saw.

Mulder: Now, how is that different? (Scully gives him an exasperated look) Look, Scully, I'm the one who may wind up going to prison, here. I've got to know if you're going to back me up or what.

Scully: (indignantly) First of all, if the family of Ronnie Strickland does indeed decide to sue the FBI for - I think the figure is $446 million - then you and I both will most certainly be co-defendants, and second of all ... (pause) I don't even have a second of all, Mulder. $446 million. I'm in this as deep as you are and I'm not even the one that overreacted! I didn't do the ... (she makes a stabbing motion) with the thing!

This is the best episode because even though they are basically telling the same story twice, it's seen in completely different ways. You get to see who Scully thinks she is, and how Mulder perceives her, and the same is true for Mulder.

Mulder thinks Scully is unapologetic and skeptical. Scully thinks Mulder is too enthusiastic and impulsive. They both think the other talks too much and doesn't listen to them when they speak.

They have different ideas about what they think are attractive qualities.

And this is quite possibly the most quotable episode in X-Files history.

Reasons to love it:
-The best opening to the episode, ever.
-Luke Wilson guest stars.
-The autopsy scenes are hilarious. (Even if they don't know what a large intestine should look like.)
-Mulder sings the theme song from "Shaft" while under the influence of chloral hydrate.
-Scully's quote (in clip below), "You're not going to tell me it's that Mexican goat sucker thing," is a call back to a season 4 episode about El Chupacabra. The episode is titled "El Mundo Gira".

The following two clips are told from Scully's perspective:

And although this is videotaped from a television and the sound and picture quality are pretty horrible, this is one of my favorite scenes in the episode:

Even the actors loved this episode. Gillian Anderson often says that it's her favorite. Here's a short behind the scenes clip.

The writing was superb. The interaction between Mulder and Scully was at the perfect point in their relationship. The banter was incredible. The story was entertaining and the bits of comedy were perfection. I always thought that the series was at its best when the episodes could make me laugh.

On top of that, this was a stand alone monster-of-the-week type of episode. It works better if you know the characters and their relationship, but you don't need to know about it to enjoy. I wore out my copy of this episode on VHS. I don't often like to rewatch things that I've already seen, but this one is well worth it.

I shall leave you with some of my favorite quotes (promise I'll be brief):

Scully: Begin autopsy on white male, age sixty, who is arguably having a worse time in Texas than I am, although, not by much.

Mulder: DANA?! He never even knew your first name!

Scully: Yesterday morning when I arrived at work you were, uh... characteristically exuberant.
(In his verison of events, Mulder says: "Yesterday morning began like any other morning. You arrived at the office, characteristically less than exuberant.")

Scully: [voiceover] Having completed the autopsy, I checked into the Davey Crockett Motor Court. [Name appears at bottom of screen]
Mulder: It was actually the Sam Houston Motor Lodge. [Type corrects itself]

See what everyone else thinks:
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

30 Days of TV: Day 05 - Why??

A show that you hate: True Blood

It's really a shame too because I like a lot of Showtime shows (edit: oops! This one is on HBO... maybe that's a reason I don't like it? Showtime clearly has better quality television) and this one had potential. I actually really liked the first season, but then it turned into utter rubbish. You might think that I'm saying this because the story doesn't follow the novels. I'm not. In fact, I tried to read the first book after I'd seen a couple of the episodes in the first season, thinking that books are always better then movies/television shows. Turns out I didn't like the books at all. I suppose it only makes sense that the series turned out the way it did...

I watched all of the first season and actually liked the show. Then, the second season just turned ridiculous. I suffered through it for a while and then realized that I didn't have to watch it just because Carolyn had it on the TV. It was life changing. =) Seriously, after I decided that it wasn't worth my time and if I didn't watch it, I couldn't be annoyed with it, I felt a lot better. No more hour long frustration in my life!

So what did I hate about it? The main characters were whiny and annoying. They didn't solve their problems, they just seemed to have them and then get more problems and there was a never ending horrible cycle going on. The characters that I did like usually turned up dead.

There was also not a lot of explanation as to what was going on. And as I understand it, even if you read the books, the storyline was often confusing. I wanted there to be more substance to the mythology of the world they lived in. Instead, every week we got something like, "Oh, by the way, there are werepanthers!" and "PS, I forgot to tell you, fairies!!"

There was so much potential for the show... it just never did what I wanted it to do: Have a real, meaty, substantial storyline with characters that I actually cared about. And even though they were throwing odd things out at you every week and seeing which things stuck, I didn't feel like there was ever a good twist or plot or... anything. This show goes nowhere. There's blood and gore and violent sex and not an interesting thing that I can think of.

The only endearing character is Jason Stackhouse (played by Ryan Kwanten) who is not all that bright. He does a lot of stupid things, but his heart is in the right place. And he's very, very pretty. He was the only one that I looked forward to seeing on screen.

I have little else to say about it... other than I do not recommend anyone viewing it. There seem to be some people who enjoy the show, but I'm not quite sure what they're getting out of it. Unless it's just the pretty, pretty Ryan Kwanten.

A second runner up for a show that I hate would be The Closer. (I would have put this first if I could ever sit through it long enough to have actual reasons to hate it.)

I hate this show so much I can't even make it through the first five minutes of any episode of it, ever. What do I hate about it? Everything. But mostly it's Kyra Sedgwick, her weird fake southern accent, and everything about her arrogant and condescending character Brenda. I've never been able to watch it and I never will. Also, good news (for me), it's going off the air! Yay!

See what everyone else thinks:
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

30 Days of TV: Day 04 - My Favorite Show

Your favorite show of all time, in the history of the universe (up to this point in time, of course): The X-Files

Honestly there are a lot of shows that I really love. LOVE. But, if I had put anything else in the top position, I would have felt really guilty. Like I was cheating on Mulder and Scully. I have never been so obsessed with a show before this one came around. Granted, it was on while I was in high school so it's not like I had a chance to before then. At the time, the internet was something that was new and exciting and let me obsess about it more.

I mean, I knew the actual titles to episodes and I think that was the first time I realized that shows actually title episodes. And some of them were pretty ridiculous like "Død Kalm" (It's about a Navy ship where the people on it age rapidly. Mulder thinks it's part of the Philadelphia Experiment. Mulder and Scully enter the ship and by the end of the episode look like they're 90.) and "Anasazi." (It's some Navajo word. There's aliens in it and probably some conspiracy of some sort. They talk about how the Navajo language was used in the war to encrypt messages and that none of the code breakers could decode it.)

I was pretty ridiculous. I used to video tape every episode, and tried to watch them all live, even though I was taping them. There were some episodes I rewatched so much that I wore out the VHS tape. (It was called "Bad Blood." Luke Wilson guest starred. There were vampires. A 'he said - she said' storyline that was completely hilarious.)

Aside from sentimental value, it really was my favorite show, and for the most part it holds the test of time. Although, it is fun to see the giant cell phones back in the 90's. For those of you that never watched or are too young to have been into it when it aired and never got around to it... (it aired from 1993 to 2002.)

It was a science fiction/fantasy series that followed two FBI agents assigned the X-Files unit. These cases were largely about unexplained phenomena, alien life forms or extra-terrestrials, and conspiracy theories. There were large multi-episode arcs that were so complex, it raised more questions than provided answers. The story lines where referred to as the mythology and had themes following "black oil", "The Syndicate", "Cancer" and "Colonists". They would also have monster-of-the-week episodes that were some of their best, and worst.

The series followed agents Mulder and Scully, believer and skeptic. Scully was assigned to the x-files to debunk whatever crazy theory Mulder had come up with this week. Eventually they both found themselves wrapped up in the overarching government conspiracy and could only trust one another. (Even if the show's catch phrase was "Trust No One.")

They were close platonic friends and became my first ship... And the first time I'd even heard the word. I was a shipper... There was a fandom. It wasn't just a show, it was also a community of other people who were obsessed with it. My best friend was also really into the show and we fueled each others excitement about it. We used to watch it in our own houses, on the phone with each other (before cell phones). You couldn't talk during the show, only commercials... but we were on the phone, mostly not talking, for the full hour. I made collages of posters and had them hanging in my room.I learned a lot about story construction and what makes television entertaining from this series. It was my first complex show, at times even impossible to follow. Then, later in the series, two new agents entered the picture, Doggett and Reyes... and the show was never the same. They didn't have that magic chemistry of Mulder and Scully. In my opinion, the show ran about 2 years too long...

Regardless, I loved it. It made you think. It was the "Lost" of its generation. And, I have to admit, it was one of the influences that started me down my career path today. I may not be a medical examiner like Scully, or in the FBI, but I did end up with a forensic science career. The X-Files was a creepier version of CSI before there was CSI.

I think that the show has probably influenced a lot of television today: Lost, CSI, Fringe to name a few.

It is the only series of which I own every single episode. I wanted to believe.

I would put up video, but it's kind of impossible to decide how to represent the show. It was so many things - dark, funny, scary, suspenseful, sad. It had action, comedy, and romance.

I had a three way split scene where everyone was in the bathtub.

Yet it was a show about monsters and conspiracies.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

30 Days of TV: Day 03 - Favorite New Show

Your favorite new show that started in the year 2010: Rizzoli and Isles

I think that I've watched exactly five new shows in 2010:
Raising Hope
No Ordinary Family
Mike & Molly
Rizzoli and Isles

Out of those five, Rizzoli and Isles definitely wins, even though they don't always get their forensic information exactly right. I can't really blame them too much though, hardly any procedural shows do.

I know, you're about to say that I'm about as one note as they come. Yet another strong female led show. And I can't even refute it. It's true, there are two very strong female characters in this show. It's also true that it's one of the reasons that I like it. I agree with you, I am the most boring and predictable tv watcher in all of history.

But, really, this one is kinda in my wheelhouse, so you have to just give it to me. Procedural crime drama. Cops. Medical examiners. Forensic investigations. A show where I can act superior and tell you all the things they're doing wrong. Why wouldn't I watch this?

Surprisingly, there were not that many things to complain about, either because they weren't doing that many things wrong, or because the story line was compelling enough that I didn't feel the need to complain. (More on this when we get to Dexter.)

Plot lines were decent, the chemistry between the female leads is unmistakable (and very lesbian subtexty, even though the characters are straight), and who doesn't adore Rizzoli's entire, very Italian, family?

Isles has a pet tortoise. She's the medical examiner, is eccentric, and very Temperance Brennan-esque (from Bones). Rizzoli is a tough cop in an all boys club. Her partner, Frost, is a little green and seems to vomit every time there is a dead body nearby.

I won't tell you it's a fantastic show that will stand the test of time, but of all the new shows I've watched this year, I've enjoyed it the most. It ran for a short ten episodes and is now over, but has been picked up for a season two. In all likelihood, I'll continue to watch.

Second runner up in this category is definitely Raising Hope. Although, I could totally do without all the baby parts and that makes the title kind of pointless...

Here's what my friends think:

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

30 Days of TV: Day 02 - Why Aren't You Watching?

A show that you wish more people were watching: 30 Rock

You know, living with someone who can look up Nielsen ratings so that I don't have to try to figure it out is super cool.

That's how I know that 30 Rock placed 53 during the May 2010 sweeps list of the top 100 broadcast shows. Really, people? Why aren't you watching this show with me?

Simply the most important thing that you need to know about this show is that Tina Fey is behind it. She's the series creator and star of the show. It's basically loosely based on her experiences as head writer of Saturday Night Live, and takes place behind the scenes of a fictional sketch comedy called TGS with Tracy Jordan (originally The Girlie Show). They work in the GE building at the NBC Studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, hence the name of the show.

Tina plays Liz Lemon, a sarcastic and self-deprecating woman who is attractive and doesn't know it. She thinks of herself as a geek who will never outgrow the torment of her youth.

Jenna (Jane Krakowski) and Tracy (Tracy Morgan) are pretty ridiculous in their roles. Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) usually ends up helping them set fires that Liz Lemon has to eventually figure out a way to put out. She's a mess, doesn't hold herself together that well, and is always looking to her boss, Jack (Alec Baldwin) for advice. But, she remains the heart and brains of the whole operation.

Liz and Jack have an absolutely fabulous relationship. She looks up to him as a father-type figure, someone who can get things done, and who everyone respects. Jack thinks of Liz as his pet project, trying to shape her into a useful human being, and hoping that one day, she will be worthy of being called his protégé. Jack somehow pulls of totally arrogant, yet extremely likable.

Just with these five characters, so much shenanigans occur. Every week it seems like a miracle that their live show airs. Liz is barely holding them together, yet they are so much like a dysfunctional family.

I think the best part about the relationship between Jack and Liz is that they have absolutely no sexual tension. Jack is way out of Liz's league. He is constantly giving her advice, especially about men, and none of it is ever really good.

The show is smart, quick, and kinda zany. It doesn't just make you laugh, it also makes you think. It frets over what it means to be funny. And, another gem it has going for it - this show has amazing continuity. You'll really notice it if you marathon the episodes back to back. Really, I love the continuity on this show - and it's only rivaled by How I Met Your Mother. Also, they have some pretty great guest stars. (Like Princess Leia.)

30 Rock has won 3 Emmy awards for Outstanding Comedy Series and in one of her acceptance speeches, Tina Fey thanked "the dozens and dozens of viewers" watching 30 Rock. In November of 2010, she was the youngest-ever winner of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

What makes this show great is it's a comedy with a woman in the central role. (Wow, I said that about Freaks and Geeks, but you know what? It's true. There have been far too many leading man roles, and quite frankly, I'd rather watch a show about a woman because I can identify with them more.) Under Tina Fey's writing at SNL, she brought out the talents of Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Cheri Oteri, Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer. Think of the show today. Can you name one outstanding female actress (besides Kristin Wiig)?

But, just singing 30 Rock's praises probably won't be enough to convince you, so watch this compilation of clips that someone put together... If you don't fall in love with Liz Lemon, then this is not your type of humor and you really shouldn't be watching anyway.

There are two other very specific scenes I love from the show, but sadly they are nowhere to be found on youtube, and aren't able to be embedded from hulu. Also, the scene I found there wasn't complete, and I'm not going to try any harder because you should just watch all the episodes anyway. But, specifically, watch season 1, episode 3 "Blind Date". Jack sets Liz up on a date with Thomas... Gretchen Thomas, assuming wrongly that Liz was gay. This scene is near the end of the episode after Liz ponders over the situation:

Liz Lemon: What do you say, we make a pact? If, say, in twenty-five years, neither of us has found somebody, we'll move in together and become roommates. And even though I am... not into the sex stuff, if it helps you, I would let you... do stuff to me.

Gretchen Thomas: I can't be around anymore. Bye Liz.

Liz Lemon: That's funny. That's what the guys always say.

The other episode is season 2, episode 10 "Episode 210". Liz falls in love with a piece of real estate and tries to buy it, because of a piece of advice from Jack. When she's waiting to hear from the co-op board, she panics, drinks several bottles of wine, and proceeds to drunk dial them. It was hilarious and if you've ever gone through the stress of buying a house, you will love this scene as much as I did.

And I haven't even mentioned that they sing every once in a while...

I just adore her and this show. It is one of the funniest on right now, and it's definitely the funniest one you're not watching.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

30 Days of TV: Day 01 - Canceled Before Its Time

Day 01: A Show That Should Not Have Been Canceled

Freaks and Geeks aired on NBC during the 1999–2000 television season. Eighteen episodes were completed, but the series was canceled after only twelve aired. GET THE COMPLETE SERIES ON DVD. You won't be sorry.

This was a brilliant comedy-drama show that was executive produced by Judd Apatow. I'm not sure that I would even need to go on from there, but it most certainly gets even better!

The cast is one of those amazing ensembles, you can't even believe that all of this talent was in the same place at the same (very short) amount of time... and before they all really hit it big. Clearly this show MADE THEM. Or... you know.... Judd Apatow did.

Also, and this is noteworthy: Freaks and Geeks was home to the original William McKinley High School - well before Glee.

Let's take a closer look at the cast.

Linda Cardellini
She's probably better known as Nurse Samantha Taggart from ER, or Ennis's girlfriend in Brokeback Mountain, or maaaaaaybe even as Chutney in Legally Blonde. Pretty. Amazing actress. She does the 'bad girl rebel' thing really well as a teen growing up in the 80's. She's an A student and a mathlete, until she enters high school and starts hanging out with all the slackers. The good girl gone bad, who struggles with her identity.

Seth Rogen
If you don't know who this is, you've been living under a rock. But if you need a refresher, he's been in Anchorman, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad, Kung Fu Panda, Pineapple Express, Monster's v. Aliens, and the upcoming movie The Green Hornet. This is the show he was in before he was a big movie star. Plus, they're all so young! Anyway, he's one of the Freaks, along with Linda. This mostly means that they're outcasts at school, they smoke a lot of pot, and get into trouble without really trying.

Jason Segel
What can I say about the man who is bringing back the muppets? What's that you say? He looks familiar, but you aren't quite sure who he is? Of course you do. He plays Marshall Eriksen on How I Met Your Mother. He's Lily's (Alyson Hannigan) husband. He was also in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. How could you forget his full frontal nudity? Anyway, his character is a drummer, his name is Nick, he has a huge crush on Lindsay, and I totally adore him.

James Franco
He's gone on to star in the Spiderman movies as Harry Osborn. If you're not a superhero fan, maybe you've seen him in Annapolis, or Knocked Up, or Pineapple Express, or Nights in Rodanthe, Milk, Eat Pray Love, or a little daytime TV show called General Hospital. His name was Franco on that... how original. He's the real bad boy in this, and mostly the instigator.

John Francis Daley
This adorable little guy grew up to play Sweets on Bones. He was also on Boston Public and Kitchen Confidential, but if you know him it's probably from Bones. Also, watch Bones if you don't already. Most definitely a geek, as were his two friends.

Samm Levine
This is that guy that shows up in a guest spot in a ton of different shows and he looks really familiar and you know that you know him, but you can't place where he's from. Yeah, he's that guy.

Martin Starr
Another of Judd Apatow's favorites, he's had parts in Knocked Up and Superbad, and also Adventureland. And he's grown up. And his voice is super deep now. He might be the biggest geek of all (but grown up really well).

Busy Philipps
You know her from Cougar Town. But she was also in Dawson's Creek and ER. Or maybe, just maybe, you know her from The Sarah Conner Chronicles. She was also one of the Freaks, and although I think she was in every episode, she didn't make the opening credits.

Speaking of the opening title credits, they have Joan Jett and the Blackhearts singing "Bad Reputation" while the characters are getting their yearbook pictures taken. I have never fast forwarded through the credits. Not once. Ever.

It's basically a coming of age series that's grittier and funnier than The Wonder Years, more real-to-life than Buffy (simply because there are no monsters), and better than Glee (that fun singing show with absolutely no plot or continuity). It takes place in the 80's and you can TELL. This also makes it awesome... and horrible. Plus, the show centers around Linda Cardellini's character, Lindsay. It's not that often that the central character is so well defined, interesting, and female... and mostly surrounded by an entirely male supporting cast.

The Freaks:

The Geeks:

It's the epitome of high school and all the horrible events that we all suffered to grow up. It's sometimes painful to watch, but only because you remember those FEELINGS because every feeling was felt in capital letters. It's also very funny at times.

(I've just decided that a high school reunion show is totally in order. They need to make this happen...)

So, although I could list a TON of shows that were canceled before their time, I think that this one tops the list. I do however, want to make some honorable mentions:
Veronica Mars
Pushing Daisies

If you haven't watched any of these series, they are all highly recommended. They also won't take you eons to get through because they didn't get to stick around very long!

See what everyone else had to say about it:

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The Gauntlet

Today Brenda issued a challenge to all of her blogging friends, and we have all agreed to join her in the 30 Days of Television meme that's been floating around the interwebs. For thirty days (more or less... and likely not consecutive in my case) we will be posting the following:

Day 01 - A show that should never have been canceled
Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching (currently on)
Day 03 - Your favorite new show (started in the year 2010)
Day 04 - Your favorite show ever
Day 05 - A show you hate (or dislike very much)
Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show
Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show
Day 08 - Best twist in a series
Day 09 - Best scene ever
Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn't like (or hated) but ended up loving
Day 11 - A show that disappointed you
Day 12 - An episode you have never grown tired of...
Day 13 - Favorite childhood show
Day 14 - Favorite male character
Day 15 - Favorite female character
Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show
Day 17 - Favorite mini series
Day 18 - Favorite title sequence
Day 19 - Best TV show ensemble cast
Day 20 - Favorite kiss
Day 21 - Favorite relationship (romantic, friendship child/parent)
Day 22 - Favorite series finale
Day 23 - Most annoying character
Day 24 - Best quote
Day 25 - A show you plan on watching, but haven't gotten around to yet (old or new)
Day 26 - Season finale failure
Day 27 - Best pilot episode
Day 28 - First TV show obsession
Day 29 - Current TV show obsession
Day 30 - Saddest character death

Some of these might have either no answer of very short, unsatisfying answers. In such a case, we have three alternative ideas to use, which are:

Show you lost track off that you wish you kept watching
Show you love that everyone else hates
Show you hate that everyone else loves

We have been given permission to change a day if it's difficult or rather boring with these ideas, or to make up our own if we feel the need, just so long as we post the original day and topic and do a strikethrough or something similar.

So with that, the 30 Days of Television begins. Here are the other bloggers that are participating:

Sounds fun! Maybe we will all pick up on a new show, and get to share some of our favorite TV moments. Please feel free to join in!

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bailey Update

Sorry to leave you hanging folks... We did find a home for Bailey. And the next day we checked in on them to make sure everything was okay. He had a bath and spent the night sleeping in his new bed with his new little 10 year old girl. So, quite an upgrade from the garage. I hope he has a very merry rest of his life and never has to suffer the cold again.

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